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Kayaking at MYC

Postby Admin 1 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:18 am

We are looking into the feasibility of forming a kayaking section within the Merioneth Yacht Club and as an initial step we would like to identify any interested parties within the current MYC membership.

The section would specifically support estuary and sea kayaking with an aim to develop:-
• Social kayaking
• Kayaking skills and qualifications for adults and juniors
• Safe water sport usage of the local estuary and sea environment
• Holding and participating in kayaking events
• Increased MYC membership and facility usage

If you would be interested in helping or participating in kayaking related activities or coaching could you send a quick email to meechan.john61@gmail.com indicating the nature of your interest and what you would like the section to deliver should it be formed. This would be very helpful in making the case to move forward.

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