Safety In The Celtic Longboats

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Safety In The Celtic Longboats

Postby B_N_Duncan » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:19 am

This talk on Safety is divided into two-parts and has been re-scheduled for the 27th Feb and the 13th Mar.

A large part of the talks will address issues of fundamental importance to all users of small craft from surf boards, wind surfing boards, rowing boats and dinghies through to small yachts.

There is now a legal requirement for all users of craft entering the open sea ( beyond Ynys Brawd) to have prepared a plan and lodge it with someone on-shore.

While one of the key objectives is to be able to fulfill this requirement, the talk aims to go further and provide as much practical assistance as possible in both understanding the hazards and overcoming them. Finally, should all else have failed, knowing the best things to do to promote survival including how to use essential safety equipment items to their maximum potential and awareness of their shortcomings.

The two parts will
provide links to the three critical information sources to assist in completing the plan
  • weather on the Irish Sea
  • inshore coastal forecast for Cardigan Bay
  • tide times and heights

provide a/an
  • animation of the gravitational influences of moon and sun upon earth's tidal bulge
  • animation of tidal flows in the Irish Sea
  • hazard map of the Mawddach Estuary

offer key instructions on the use, maintenance and important protocols associated with the following:
  • pre-launch boat inspection
  • life jacket
  • electronic distress flare (EDF-1)
  • fog horn
  • mobile phones
  • hand-held wind speed indicator

Along the way the talk will additionally:
provide simple guides and rules of thumb to assist reading situations
  • interpret tide direction
  • estimate tide times
  • estimate tide heights
  • wind speed

introduce and show how to use a range of safety, navigational and computational aids and Apps including
  • wind dynamic pressure calculator
  • tide dynamic pressure calculator
  • wind speed estimator
  • visual horizon calculator
  • radio horizon calculator
  • co-ordinate (Lat,Long) location finding using Google maps and
  • GPS Test App giving co-ordinates, sunset, heading, track speed (without a nag screen!)

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