Rowing Events, race program and how to take part

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Rowing Training

To race well the crew must have the endurance for the race distance.
- Men's races are about 4 miles which should take 30 - 40 minuets.
- women's and mixed race are about 3 miles and take 25 - 30 minuets.

Exercising once week will maintain and improve fitness slowly. Twice a week will give much faster improvement. There is no point in older people exercising more than one day out of three, younger people will gain by exercising every other day.

The best training is in the boat, however over the winter the weather can not be expected to be favourable very often. A good alternative is a rowing machine.

I have a cheap rowing machine with pistons for resistance and the only instrumentation is a stroke counter that counts twice per stroke and the passing of time. This is a bit short for a full sliding seat stroke so I do two strokes which I alternate. Listening to music I swap stroke type with each new track. One stroke is legs only the "oars" held fixed relative to my body, the other is basically a fixed seat stroke but I have to slide the seat forward and back to trip the stroke counter so that the machine knows I am rowing. I do 40 minutes a session, lots of sweet.

The standard machine for indoor rowing is a Concept 2. Barmouth Pavilion Leisure Centre has 2 of these machines.

The recommendation for men is to aim for 7.5 km in one go on resistance setting 6. For women the target will be 6 km.
The fastest way is a constant speed, however it can be hard to maintain concentration for this long so I do a 200m sprint after the first 5000m then at kilometre intervals. I try to recover breathing and pace in the 300m after the sprint leaving just 500m to the next sprint. This gives a lot of practice monitoring my body
- during the recovery phase to minimise the lose of time.
- during the 500m to the next sprint be ready for the sprint.
- during the sprint to ensure it is a sprint.

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