Potential September Rowing Dates

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Potential September Rowing Dates

Postby CMEECHAN » Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:49 pm

These dates indicate potential rowing dates based upon tide times. Rowing can normally occur 2 hours either side of High Tide
An Officer of the Day will continue to call rows and make final decisions based on weather.

Saturday 23rd Sep - High Tide 10:53
Sunday 24th Sep - High Tide 11:27
Monday 25th Sep - High Tide 12:01
Tuesday 26th Sep - High Tide 12:38
Wednesday 27th Sep - High Tide 13:19
Thursday 28th Sep - High Tide 14:09
Friday 29th Sep - High Tide 15:26
Saturday 30th Sep - High Tide 17:25

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